Technology & Audio/Visual

The Black Canyon Conference Center recently completed a 1.25 million renovation that includes substantial upgrades to their audiovisual offerings, including Optima 6000 lumen projection in the main Black Canyon Ballroom with integrated controller and switches.

Installation of a new ceiling mounted Optima WXGA 4500 in the Sonoran Ballroom with feed from the Black Canyon Ballroom. Ceiling mounted electric screens, new microphone connections throughout and amplifiers and ceiling speakers that are now controlled by wall mounted, button controlled processors. This state-of-the-art Meeting Facility has gone all-out to create an ideal meeting environment for you and your attendees.

Black Canyon Ballroom

Installation of an Optima 6000 lumen projector for the main screen has an integrated controller and switchers in the ballroom. This switching system is capable of routing two laptop inputs to the projector allowing for multiple presenters. These two laptop inputs shall support both VGA and HDMI type signals. Installation of 2 wall mounted 55”wide LED displays on articulating mounts on the side walls for ease of viewing projection to guests in the back half of the ballroom. Installation of a ceiling mounted high definition camera to be used for Imag presentation purposes. This camera is controlled from a new control system the camera will allow the presenter to be captured and displayed in the overflow Sonoran ballroom for over flow purposes. Any signal sent to the projector may be routed to the Sonoran Room this allows the AV manager to easily route the video from the ballroom to the Sonoran room from the control of an IPAD.

Sonoran Ballroom

Installation of a new ceiling mounted Optima WXGA 4500 lumen projector. There is a feed from the Black Canyon Ballroom to this projector for overflow purposes.  New microphone connections for the audio from the VGA wall plate and overflow audio were installed. A wall mounted button control processor was installed to control the volume, projector power and source selection. 2 Wall mounted 55” Led displays with articulating mounts on the side walls were installed for viewing ease from the back of the ballroom.

Arizona and Boulder Conference Rooms

Optima 3500 lumen ceiling projectors along with new ceiling mounted electric screens were installed. A new wall plate which provides VGA and HDMI connections, new microphone connection, and amplifier and ceiling speakers controlled by a wall mounted button control processor.

Small Conference Rooms

Optima 3500 lumen ceiling mounted projectors with ceiling mounted wide screen electric screens were installed along with ceiling mounted speakers with an amplifer to provide a clean, efficient state-of-the-art meeting room. A wall plate with VGA and HDMI connections to provide digital or analog signals were installed with controls for the projector and screens.

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